After Hours Emergency Resources

We are very fortunate to have two emergency clinics servicing our area.  If you have an emergency with your pet that cannot wait, please contact one of the below emergency clinics and they will be able to help you:

Crossroads Animal Referral and Emergency (CARE) —1080 W. Patrcik St, Frederick     301-662-2273

Mountain View Animal Emergency  —- 18501A Maugans Ave, Hagerstown 301-733-7339

Examples of emergencies that should not wait:

  • Trauma cases— hit by car, fight wounds, falls/broken legs,  hemorrhage/bleeding
  • Eye trauma/painful eyes/squinting
  • Persistant Vomiting or Diarrhea, especially if your pet appears weak or distressed
  • Difficulty Breathing, Severe/persistant coughing
  • Male cats or dogs straining but unable to urinate
  • Toxin ingestion —  rat poison, antifreeze, grapes/raisins, human medications
  • Seizures, sudden behavior changes, inability to walk

If you are unsure if your pet should be seen, please call one of the above emergency clinics