Electronic Reminders

With the arrival of the New Year, we are planning on trying to catch up with the age of technology by  using electronic reminders.    This means that we will be sending out emails and texts to 1) remind you about health care services your pet is due for such as Annual Well Pet Exams, Vaccinations, and Routine Testing; and 2) to confirm and remind you about existing appointments.     We think is a great step forward as it will be much more convenient for our clients as well as our staff.   These electronic reminders will start to replace the postcard system we have used for years as well reduce the number of phone calls made by our staff.

If we do not have an email address or cell phone associated with your account, you will likely be contacted by a staff member for that information.   If you continue to receive postcards from us, it means we do not have email or cellphone information on your account and you should contact us with that information.   If you do not wish to receive emails or text reminders, please let us know and we can mark your computer file appropriately.

Note that we will still be calling all of our anesthesia/surgery/procedure cases the night before to re-confirm and to remind you to fast your pet as required.

Please feel free to call with any questions, or better yet, to update your file with an email address and phone number!